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Hotels in Tambor, Paquera, Cóbano, Montezuma, Cabuya,
Cabo Blanco, Malpaís, and Santa Teresa

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Paquera, Tambor, and Cóbano A - Z

Bahía Luminosa, Paquera, Golf of Nicoya (Budget)Bahía Luminosa Two Star Hotel
Barceló Playa Tambor, Playa TamborBarceló Playa Tambor Five Star Hotel
Cabinas y Restaurante Cristina, Playa Tambor (Budget)Cabinas y Restaurante Cristina Two Star Hotel
Cabinas El Bosque, Playa Tambor (Budget)Cabinas El Bosque Two Star Hotel
Cabinas Ginana, Paquera (Budget)Cabinas Ginana Two Star Hotel
Lodge HyB, Playa Tambor (Cabins and Restaurant)Lodge HyB Three Star Hotel
Southland Los Delfines, Playa TamborSouthland Los Delfines Four Star Hotel

Montezuma, Cabuya, Cabo Blanco

El Ancla de Oro, Playa CabuyaEl Ancla de Oro Two Star Hotel
El Jardín, Playa MontezumaEl Jardín Three Star Hotel
El Sano Banano, MontezumaEl Sano Banano Three Star Hotel
El Tajalin, Montezuma (Beachfront)El Tajalin Two Star Hotel
Horizontes de Montezuma, Montezuma (Eco Lodge)Horizontes de Montezuma Two Star Hotel
Ylang Ylang, Montezuma (Beachfront)Ylang Ylang Three Star Hotel

Mal País, Playa El Carmen, Santa Teresa, A - Z

Apartamentos Orquídea Lodge, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Apartamentos Orquídeas Lodge Three Star Hotel
Apartotel Atrapasueños, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Apartotel Atrapasueños Three Star Hotel
Apartotel Zula Inn, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Zula Inn Three Star Hotel
Arenas Blancas Cabinas, Playa El Carmen, Santa TeresaArenas Blancas Cabinas Two Star Hotel
Beach Front Pacifica Surf Studios, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Beach Front Pacifica Surf Studios Three Star Hotel
Bejia Flor Resort, Malpaís (Yoga, Surfing) Bejia Flor Resort Three Star Hotel
Blue Jay Lodge, Malpaís Blue Jay Lodge Three Star Hotel
Buenos Aires, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Hotel Buenos Aires Three Star Hotel
Cabinas Gemelas, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Cabinas Gemelas Three Star Hotel
Canaima Chill House, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Canaima Chill House Three Star Hotel
Casa Cecilia, Santa Teresa (Beachfront, Surfing)Casa Cecilia Two Star Hotel
Casa MarBella, Santa Teresa (Yoga)Casa Marbella Three Star Hotel
Disfrutalo Ranchos and Villas, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Disfrutalo Ranchos and Villas Three Star Hotel
El Rey Patricio, Santa Teresa (Beachfront, Surfing)El Rey Patricio Two Star Hotel
Florblanca Resort, Santa Teresa (Beachfront)Florblanca Four Star Hotel
Frank's Place, Santa Teresa, Playa El Carmen (Near Beach, Surfing)Frank's Place Three Star Hotel
Funky Monkey Lodge, Santa Teresa (Surfing)Luz de Vida Three Star Hotel
Horizon, Santa Teresa (Yoga) Horizon Hotel Three Star Hotel
La Hacienda B&B, Mal PaísLuz de Vida Three Star Hotel
Luz de Vida, Santa Teresa (Beachfront, Surfing)Luz de Vida Three Star Hotel
Milarepa, Santa Teresa (Beachfront, Surfing)Milarepa Three Star Hotel
Moana Lodge, Malpaís (Surfing)Moana Lodge Three Star Hotel
Oasis, Mal País (Surfing)Oasis Three Star Hotel
Otro Lado Lodge, Santa Teresa (Surfing)Otro Lado Lodge Three Star Hotel
Pachamama, Mal País (Surfing)Pachamama Two Star Accommodations
Pacific Star, Santa Teresa (Surfing)Pacific Star Two Star Villas
Paraíso Azul (Hotel, Cabinas y Camping), Santa TeresaRed Palm Villas Three Star Hotel
Playa El Carmen Hotel, Playa El Carmen (Surfing)Playa El Carmen Three Star Hotel
Ranchos Itaúna, Santa Teresa (Surf - Beachfront) Ranchos Itaúna Three Star Hotel
Raratonga, Santa Teresa (Surfing) Raratonga Three Star Hotel
Red Palm Villas, Santa Teresa (Beachfront)Red Palm Villas Five Star Hotel
The Place, Malpaís (Surfing)The Place Three Star Hotel
Tropico Latino Lodge, Santa Teresa (Beachfront, Surfing)Tropico Latino Lodge Three Star Hotel
Villas Hermosas, Playa Hermosa de Malpaís (Beachfront)Villas Hermosas Three Star Villas
Villas Monarka, Malpaís (Beachfront)Villas Monarka Three Star Villas
Vista De Olas, Mal País (Yoga, Spa) Vista De Olas Four Star Hotel
Zula Inn, Santa Teresa (Near Beach, Surfing)Zula Inn Three Star Hotel

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Deluxe Costa Rica Hotels and Resorts at Playa Tambor Beach along the Bahía Ballena

Many Travel Guides mistakenly describe the Central Pacific area starting in Puntarenas going south. If you check our map of regions, you'll see that part of the Peninsula Nicoya also belongs to the Central Pacific area of the Province Puntarenas. With well known and liked places like Mal País, or Mal Pais, Montezuma and Playa Tambor. Around Playa Tambor or along the large Bahía Ballena you'll find several Deluxe Resorts like the Barcelo Resort Playa Tambor and the pretty hotel Tambor Tropical.

Montezuma and Mal País of Costa Rica is a different world:

These rather small beach towns offer several beautiful beaches and and a layed-back atmosphere similar to the Caribbean regions of Costa Rica. Once a remote fisher village now became a party town. The young and welcoming crowd is from all over the world. Europeans, South, Central and North Americans are all mingled together. The centre of activities and most of the infrastructure can be found inland in Cóbano and Paquera. The area of Tambor, Montezuma and Malpaís offers something for everybody. From Deluxe Resorts, Golf Resorts to Cabins for surfers and the beautiful Getaway place in Montezuma called Ylang Ylang, perfect for Honeymooners.

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