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Refreshing climate and the peacefulness of the forest

The large property of Fonda Vela allows you to enjoy one of Costa Rica's most beautiful locations. Observe the colorful sky as the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean, enjoy a fabulous meal in one of the restaurants, and sip at your favorite drink at the bar or TV room. There is a meeting room for 50 people and every day at 6 pm. there is a slide show of Montverde's Quaker history and secrets of the cloud forest there.

Enjoy some of the private hiking trails, go on a horse-back ride or visit the 26,000 acres Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a private biological reserve dedicated to the conservation of the rare flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem. This reserve is an important link in the growing network of protected areas in Costa Rica. The Fonda Vela Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the Reserve, which attracts birdwatchers from around the world.

Another nearby reserve is the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, with similar flora and fauna as the more famous Monteverde Reserve but usually less crowded. This reserve is located 12 km away from Fonda Vela and offers beautiful views of the Arenal Volcano on clear days. Nearby you'll find many possibilities for adventure: Sky Walk, Sky Trek, Serpentarium and Ranarium to mention just a few.

Amenities Photos of Hotel Fonda Vela Amenities Photos of Hotel Fonda Vela

Amenities Photos of Hotel Fonda Vela Amenities Photos of Hotel Fonda Vela

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