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See Costa Rica from the back of a horse

Trekking on horseback in Costa Rica is especially for those who are prepared to have total confidence in the abilities of a horse. The Spanish knew what they were doing when they introduced the Criollio horse to the Americas.

These Berber horses were brought in from North Africa to serve in the extremes of Central America. Brave and strong like the Arab but without their temperamental qualities, and as sure footed as mountain goats. That is just as well, because while there are plenty of options for novice riders, Costa Rica offers the more experienced equestrians the opportunity of venturing off the beaten path into areas that are wild, and mountainous.

Accompanied by an expert guide, there is no better way of exploring a rain forest. The horse's gently plodding hooves do nothing to scare away the forest animals. Being on a horseback makes a comfortable spot for watching bird life, the soaring hawks over the grasslands and darting hummingbirds in the forests, and not to mention the incredible blue morpho butterflies.

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