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Hotel Flying Crocodile

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Hotel Flying Crocodile

If you think that you've seen it all, just look at this!

When we first got to the Flying Crocodile hotel in the late afternoon we looked at our two story bungalow with Japanese flavour, the beautiful pool and left again to see the nearby beaches called Buenavista and Barrigona. The latter is a beautiful white sandy beach but with dangerous riptides, so don't swim out there when the tide is going down.

When we came back to the Flying Crocodile we were surprised by the exquisite and creative tropical and oriental design of the bungalow's interior, and the huge blue tiled bathroom. We jumped into the pool together with the kids of some other guests of the owners of the hotel. Immediately one felt like home away from home, specially during dinner on one table and with one menu for all with excellent tasty "Ruladen" in Switzerland also called "Fleischvögel" and fresh salad.

On the dinner-table the soft spoken German owner an Ex-Commercial Pilot got everybody excited about flying around with one of his several Ultra-Light planes. Next day we all were flown to Playa Sámara, over the waves of Playa Barrigona and the many cattle fields in the area. It definitely is an unforgettable experience. This hotel enraptures the diversity and beauty of Costa Rica in a spectacular microcosm in which the philosophy of co-existence of animals, people and nature is put into practice.

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