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Guestrooms of La Carolina Lodge

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Many different kinds of accommodations

First there is the main lodge with 3 private double and 1 large room with 1 double bed and 3 single beds perfect for families and groups, it sleeps 11 guests comfortably, with two bathrooms and piping hot showers. In the center of the lodge there is a sitting area with a small library.

On the hill there is the Private House. This big house has 3 double beds, a private bathroom and a porch with table and hammock overlooking the lodge and the river. It is perfect for groups or families of up to 6 persons that prefer a more private setting.

At the River there is the private Honeymoon Cabin with a Queen-size bed, private bathroom, fireplace and a porch. This cabin is perfect for honeymooners, couples or guests that like to enjoy the view and sound of the river.

Behind the lodge there is a private and cozy cabin with a double bed, a big private bathroom and fireplace.

And a secluded private house is located at a 10 minute walk from the lodge inside the property also reachable with a 4x4 vehicle during the dry season. It has 2 separate bedrooms, kitchen, a private bathroom and a big porch, perfect for guests that really enjoy their privacy.

Occasionally and for limited times there is a large private house, also located within the property, overlooking the gardens and the main lodge, has 1 Queen-size bed, 1 double bed and 2 single beds. There is a living room with couch and fireplace, a private bathroom and porch.

Foto de Habitación de La Carolina Lodge Foto de Habitación de La Carolina Lodge

Foto de Habitación de La Carolina Lodge Foto de Habitación de La Carolina Lodge

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