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Limón City and Canton

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Limón Pococí Siquirres Talamanca Matina Guácimo

Some Facts

Escudo of the province Limón Canton No. 1:  Limón
Capital:  Limón
Km from Limón to San José:  166 km


Limón City, Canton of Limón Costa Rica District 1:  Limón City
District 2:  Valle La Estrella
District 3:  Río Blanco
District 4:  Matama


Limón City, Canton of Limón Costa Rica

Modern History of Limón starts in 1502, when the Admiral Don Cristóbal Colón parked his ships for maintenance in this bay. The Indigenous tribes of Cariari or Cariay received them peacefully and Admiral was astonished of riches in gold the natives were showing. Prbably from this time on people used the name Costa Rica but oficially it appeared later on.

During Colonial times, the people from inland had very sporadic contacts with this region specially the region of Matima, where farmers from Cartago had Cocoa plantations. Cocoa was very valuble during this times and the kernels sometimes were uses instead of money.

It was during the second half of the 19th Century, when the governors decided to open a port on that coast. Between 1870 and 1880 they also started working at the railroad. To work on this project los of black people from other continents, specially Jamaica, were imported. That explains the high percentage of black people in this area.

Today the canton of Limón has grwon to a big city with the most important port of the country. It is the center of the province and of all the agricultural activities.

General Description

Limón City, Canton of Limón Costa Rica

Situated in the middle part or the Atlantic or Caribic Coast, beween the cantones Talamanca and Matina. The land is even with numerous rivers that communicate to channels of Tortuguero. The terretorry is covered with thick vegetation during the whole year. The climate is ideal for trees and palm trees and there are endless plantations of bananos, cocoa, yuca, frijoles, and cocos.

Interesting Sites

Limón City, Canton of Limón Costa Rica

To travel to Limón is on of the most picturesque rides in Costa Rica. You will pass Cartago with its Basílica, go over the highest mountains, through one of the largest National Parks, passing banana-, and pineapple plantations. In Limón the attracions seam endless: Uvita National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Cahuita National Park with one of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica, the Bri Bri idigenous reserve. It is also interesting to visit the Port of Moín and Barra Colorado. If you want to go to Panamá, just keep on going to Sixaola.


Limón City, Canton of Limón Costa Rica

The climate is warm, and humid. The seasons are somehow different as in the rest of the country. Which makes the area a beautiful alternative for the months September and October, when it rains a lot in the rest of the country but not necessarily so in Limón. The average day-time temperatures are between 25 and 30 Degrees Celsius The nights are cool and refreshing. The constant breeze from the Atlantic Ocean helps, that there are no extreme temperatures during the different seasons.

Cantons of Limón

Map of Cantones of the Province Limón

Pococí Canton of the Province of Limón Guácimo, Canton of the Province of Limón Costa Rica Siquirres, Canton of the Province of Limón Costa Rica Matina, Canton of the Province of Limón Costa Rica Limón, Canton of the Province of Limón Costa Rica Talamanca, Canton of the Province of Limón Costa Rica