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National Parks, Wildlife Refuges of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Conservation Districts Guanacaste Conservation District Huetar-North Conservation District Arenal Tilarán Conservation District Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation District Tempisque Conservation District Central Pacific Conservation District Friendship Conservation District Tortuguero Conservation District Frienship Conservation District Osa Conservation District Coco Island Conservation District

Guanacaste Conservation Area

In this land of sun, plains and prairies we find an unmatched treasure: The biggest piece of dry tropical forest in all Central America. The old pastures and battle-fields tell the history of Costa Rica. It also offers a rich culture which became the sole of the Costa Rican Folklore.

Santa Rosa National Park
Rincón de la Vieja National Park
Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge
Horizontes Experimental Forest Station

Tempisque Conservation Area

Land of folkloric traditions and also of Bizcocho, Corn-Rice, Atol de Pujagua and the festivals of Esquipulas and Santiago where you hear songs of the yegüita and the retahílas. Because of its various landscapes and its beaches many tourist visit this lands. The land of sun, rice, sugar-cane, cowboys and friendly people.

Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve
Palo Verde National Park
Las Baulas National Marine Park
Barra Honda National Park
Ostional National Wildlife Refuge
Guayabo, Negritos y los Pájaros Islas Biological Reserves
Curú National Wildlife Refuge
Cabo Blanco Absolute Wildlife Refuge
Iguanita National Wildlife Reserve
Zapandí Palustrine Wetlands
Taboga Forest Reserve
Laguna Madrigal Wetlands
Corral de Piedra Wetlands
Mata Redonda Lagoon National Wildlife Refuge
Diriá Forest National Wildlife Refuge
Rio Cañas Palustrine Wetlands
Camaronal National Wildlife Refuge
Cerro La Cruz Protected Area
Nosara Protected Area
Península Nicoya Protected Area
Abangares Protected Area
Nicolás Wessberg Absolute Natural Reserve

Central Volcanic Cordillera Conservation Area

The land of gentle people and natural riches. This region is home of more than half of all that live in Costa Rica, but still more than a quarter of it is protected land. Rich in different Eco-Systems it is the area with most endemic species that don't exist in other places. It is also the only considered patrimony of humanity.

Braulio Carrillo National Park
Guayabo National Monument
Irazú Volcano National Park
La Selva Protected Area
Poás Volcano National Park
Bosque Alegre National Wildlife Refuge
Río Toro Protected Area
El Chayote Protected Area
Grecia Forest Reserves
Central Cordillera Volcánica Forest Reserves
River Grande Protected Area
Cerros de La Carpintera Protected Area
Tiribí River Protected Area
Rubén Torres Rojas Forest Reserve
Bonilla Bonillita Wetlands Lacustrino
Turrialba Volcano National Park
Cerro Atenas Protected Area
La Selva Biological Station

Tortuguero Conservation Area

Where the canals and the sky meet. This land includes the places where the Green Turtles lay their eggs, it is paradise to the manatee or sea cow, birds and plants. To get to the park one has to travel in boat through the channels and this wonderful experience allows one to admire the living things that are in the water and on the edge of the river.

Tortuguero National Park
Barra de Colorado National Wildlife Refuge
Tortuguero Protection Zone
Guácimo y Pococí Protected Area
Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge

Friendship Conservation Area

Pacific: Costa Rica and Panama share the riches of Flora and Fauna. In it cohabit Italians, Natives, People from Panama and Costa Rica. It is the land of plants, fossils, glacier lakes, different eco-systems from the plains to the mountain-tops. For its unequalled richness it is proud to be categorized a Biosphere Reserve.

It's the largest protected zone of Costa Rica. Caribbean: Black, Chinese, White, Mestizos and Indians ... rice and beans, wan tan, chicken rice and mashed bananas with meat are dishes of the different ethnic groups that cohabit this land. Each one using the many riches of this bio-diversity in different ways. It's an overwhelming conservation area in which on can find over 90% of all plant specimens of Costa Rica.

Friendship Park Biological Reserve
Biological Reserve Hitoy Cerere
Chirripó National Park
Cahuita National Park
Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge
Banano River Basin Protected Area
Pacuare Protected Area
Barbilla National Park
Cariari National Wetlands
Pacuare Matina Forest Reserve
Limoncito National Wildlife Refuge
Navarro and Sombrero rivers Protected Area
Tapanti Maciso Cerro de La Muerte National Park
Tuis River Basin Protected Area
Las Tablas Protected Area
San Vito Wetlands
Paraguas Palustrine Wetlands and Lagoon

Osa Conservation Area

A Mosaic of Land and Sea Eco-Systems. The land of the Jaguar, of wet forests and big varieties of eco-systems. It is the conservation districts with the largest number of mammals in danger of extinction. It takes the second place in the list of the bio-diversity of endemic species that only exist in Costa Rica. But there are still many natural wonders to discover on this land and the seas.

Ballena National Marine Park
Isla del Caño Biological Reserve
Corcovado National Park
Golfito National Wildlife Refuge
Terraba - Sierpe National Wetlands
Sierpe Lagoon
Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve
Piedras Blancas National Park
Pejeperro Pejeperrito Palustrine Wetlands

Central Pacific Conservation Area

Land of contrasts and landscapes. From the coasts to the mountains, this is land full of contrasts, agriculture landscapes, and little explored villages and forests. It's also the home of sub-species of monkeys only found in Costa Rica: the titi monkey. Important region for flower diversity where there are endemic species only found in Costa Rica.

Carara National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park
Tivives Protected Area
El Rodeo Protected Area
Cerros de Escazú Protected Area
Caraigres Protected Area
Turrubares Cerros Protected Area
Fernando Castro Cervantes National Wildlife Refuge
Cerros de La Cangreja Protected Area
Cerro Nara Protected Area
Los Santos Forest Reserves
Montes de Oro Protected Area
Barú, Private National Wildlife Refuge
Portalón National Wildlife Refuge
Cerro Las Vueltas Biological Reserve

Arenal, Tilarán and Huetar Norte Conservation Area

Huetar Norte is the land of the Lapa Verde, wild rice and of progress, where people work together in the management of the forests to improve their live-style. It is important because it is the only refuge in Costa Rica for the Lapa Verde and a diverse group of other species in danger of extinction. It also encloses wetlands where wild rice grows a ancestor of what we eat today. Arenal and Tilarán is the land of volcanoes, mountains and lakes. Of its hot intestines comes geothermic energy, which is used as an alternative source. From its forests emerge rivers, that produce the permanent waters that feed into hydroelectric plants and give live to the dry low-lands by irrigation. This land is privileged because of its biodiversity.

Arenal Volcano and Tenorio Volcano National Park
Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge
Arenal-Monteverde Protected Area
Alberto Manuel Brenes Biological Reserve
Juan Castro Blanco National Park
Corredor Fronterizo Costa Rica-Nicaragua National Wildlife Refuge
Camelias Lagoon National Wildlife Refuge
Miravalles Volcano Protected Area
Cerro El Jardín Forest Reserve
Cureña-Cureñita Forest Reserve
Laguna Maquenque Palustrine Wetlands
Tamborcito Lacustrine Wetlands

Del Coco Island Conservation Area

Land of Pirates and natural treasures. Only the ones that open their eyes and heart to the natural wonders of the Coco Island will find the treasures the Pirates were talking about. It's the only ocean island of Central America and Southeast Asia that receives enough rain to support the flora and fauna of a wet tropical forest.

Coco Island National Park

Other Nature Parks in Costa Rica

Camaronal National Wildlife Refuge

Costa Rica Parks, Reserves, Refuges and Zoos

National Parks, National Reserves, Natural Refuges

National Parks in Costa Rica

Over a quarter of Costa Rica consists of protected areas that are composed of National Parks, National Reserves, Natural Refuges, Absolute National Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, Marine Sanctuaries, Conservation Areas and Biological Reserves.  If you are looking for a place with unspoiled natural wonders, Costa Rica has it!

The parks and reserves are home to over 200 mammals, including six species of felines - jaguar, ocelot, margay, puma, jaguarondi and tiger cats.   There are 857 species of bird, 11,000 insects and over 9,000 species of plants, including 1,200 beautiful varieties of orchids and an endless list of trees.

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