First Chess Tournament by the National Stock Market

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The National Stock market invites to its first Open Tournament to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The same is validated by the FCA (Federación Central de Ajedrez), el Club Herediano de Ajedrez y ARAJA (Asociación Ramonense de Ajedrez) and for the National Championship.

Technical bases of the tournament:

Dates: Two weekends, 30th September and 1st of October, 7th and 8th of October of 2006.
Place: Forum, Santa Ana in front of the Centro Comercial de Santa Ana. There is parking available for 50 cars.

Children Tournament: Born after January 1st 1992. Tournament Style: Swiss with 7 rounds. Each participating player is responsible to bring a chess game (pieces and table) and clock. The organization is not responsible for missing game equipment.

Game Rules

a) The going Chess-Rules published by FIDE apply. For the matching the official program of the FIDE petunia Swiss 46 is used.

b) The information of the pairing will be published by Tablerotico.

c) One hour late, after the programmed time for the beginning of the round, the player will be declared no-show and the player will loose the point in discussion. If both player don't show up, both loose their point. A now-show will result in the exclusion of the competition except that the referee was notified before the next matching.

d) The only valid chronometer is the one of the referee, who has the obligation to put the clocks to work at the programmed time.

e) During the whole event it not permitted to smoke in the game-room or the use electronic apparatus of communication, cellular phones or equipment to store data, PSA's or any similar instrument according to the rules of FIDE. The Main-Referee of the event is Gustavo Murillo (844-4608). The Congresillo will be informative.

System of Tie Brake:

1° progressive, 2° progressive in cuts, 3° Bucholz, 4° media bucholz., in case of a tie, the Premiums will not be split between the players. If a player wins several Premiums he will be awarded the highest.

Rhythm of the Game:

1 hour and 30 minutes and 30 seconds of increments starting from the first move of each player, or 2 hours to finish for each player with clocks without increase. The Children Tournament is played with 2 hours to finish for each player.

Dates of the games:

September and October of 2006. Saturday 30th of September 9am inauguration and first round, 3pm second round. Sunday 1st October 9am third round, 3pm fourth round, Saturday 7th of October 9am fifth round, 3pm sixth round. Sunday 8th of October 9am seventh round, 2pm, finish and handing out of Premiums. Sunday 8th of October: Simultaneous Chess with the National Chess Champion MI Bernal González Acosta (Open).

Premiums :

Open Tournament 1st Premium: ¢150,000, 2nd Premium: ¢90.000, 3rd Premiums: ¢60.000, 4th Premium: ¢30.000

Best Second Division ¢30,000, 2nd Premium Second Division ¢20.000, 3rd Premium Second Division ¢10.000

Best Third Division ¢30,000, 2nd Premium Best Third Division ¢20.000 3rd Premium Best Third Division ¢10.000

Best Female Player ¢30,000

Children Tournament: 1st Premium: ¢30.000, 2nd Premium: ¢20.000, 3rd Premium: ¢10.000, Best under-12, Chess Game, Best under-10 Chess Game.

Information: Carlos Barrios Z. E-mail: Phone: 895- 44- 57

Foto 1, First Chess Tournament by the National Stock Market, Costa RicaFoto 2, First Chess Tournament by the National Stock Market, Costa Rica
Foto 3, First Chess Tournament by the National Stock Market, Costa RicaFoto 4, First Chess Tournament by the National Stock Market, Costa Rica

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