The largest Costa Rica Information SiteCosta Rica Flag Tropical Kingsnake (not venomous) part of Costa Ricas beautiful Fauna and Wildlife
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Fer de Lance
Dangerous Snakes Fer de Lance
Eyelash Viper
Dangerous Snakes Eyelash Viper
Jumping Viper
Dangerous Snakes Tropical Rattlesnake
Dangerous Snakes Tropical Rattlesnake
Dangerous Snakes Bushmaster
Dangerous Snakes Rainforest Hognosed Pit-viper
Boa Constrictor
Dangerous Snakes Boa Constrictor
Coral Snake
Dangerous Snakes Central American Coral Snake
Pelagic Sea Snake
Dangerous Snakes Pelagic Sea Snake
Dangerous Snakes Mussurana

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The team of Discovery Travel World wishes you the best of times in our little paradise called Costa Rica.