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Motmots are related to the kingfishers, and are found only in the Neotropics

Costa Rica has six of the nine known species. They are colorful birds characterized by an unmistakable long racquet-tail (with barbs missing along part of the feather shaft, leaving a tennisracquet appearance). The most frequently seen are the blue-crowned motmot (momoto común; Momotus momata) and the turquoise-browed motmot (momoto cejileste; Eumomota superciliosa).

The first has a bright blue crown with black at the very top and a black face, and is otherwise mainly green with brownish underparts. The other has broad turquoise eyebrows, rufous back and belly, a black face, and a large black spot on it's chest, and is otherwise green. It has the longest bare area in the 'handles' of it's racquett.

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