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The most common species are the ringed and the green kingfishers

Of the world's 90 species of kingfishers, only six live in the Americas. AII six .are found in Costa Rica. They are often seen by travelers along rivers. The most common species are the ringed and the green kingfishers. The ringed kingfisher (martín pescador collarejo; Ceryle torquata) is 41cm long and one of the largest kingfishers in the world.

The name derives from the white ring around the collar. The rest of the bird is a slaty blue-gray with rufous breast and belly. The less common belted kingfisher (martín pescador norteño; Ceryle alcyon) is similar but much smaller and has white underparts. Smaller still, the 18cm-long green kingfisher (martín pescador verde; Chloroceryle americana) is dark green above and white below.

The male has a rufous breast band and both sexes have a white collar and white spots on the tail and wings. The similar Amazon kingfisher (martín pescador Amazónico; Chloroceryle amazonica) is 29cm long and has less spotting on the wings and tail. The other kingfishers are uncommon.

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