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Museo de Jade
Calle 9 and 11 Avenida 7
San Jose
Tel: (506) 287-6034
Located on the 11th floor of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros, this is one of Costa Rica 's famous Museums with the world 's largest collection with hundreds o pieces on display. To fully appreciate the translucent quality of this gemstones many are displayed with a backlight.

Museo Nacional (National Museum)
Calle 7, Avenida Central and 2
San Jose
Tel: (506) 257-1433
This rather small Museum displays Costumes, Jade, Gold, Archaeology and some Colonial and Religious Art. Some of the pieces are labelled in English and in Spanish.

Museo de Oro Precolombino
Avenida Central, Plaza de la Cultura
San Jose
Tel: (506) 243-4202
This famous collection of over 2000 Gold Pieces is really worth seeing. Your are not allowed to take pictures there. In the same museum you'll find a small numismatic museum and a changing display of Costa Rican Art.

Museo de Los Niños (Children Museum)
Click here for over a 100 pictures.
Calle 4 and North of Avenida 9
San Jose
Tel: (506) 258-4929
This large museum used to be a prison. Plan to go there for several hours because it's huge and there is lots you can do and see. It offers hand on interactive displays form earthquakes to electricity up to cleaning teeth. It also displays parts of the old jail. Exhibits of children, children's rights, old trains, a helicopter, etc.

Museo de Arte Costarricense
Calle 42, End of Paseo Colón
San Jose
Tel: (506) 222-7155
Collection of paintings and sculptures of the 19th and 20th Century. This museum used to be the old airport building until 1955, when the Sabana Park used to be the airport.

Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo
Calle 15 and 17 Avenida 3
San Jose
Tel: (506) 257-7202
This museum within the National Cultural and Arts Centre, next to the National Library used to be the old Liquor Factory of Costa Rica. It offers changing art shows.

Calle 8 and 11 Avenida 1
San Jose
Tel: (506) 255-4210
Collection of live snakes and other reptiles in the Centre of San José.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Natural Sciences)
South - West Corner of the Park La Sabana in the former La Salle High School
San Jose
Tel: (506) 232-1306
It displays a large collection of stuffed animals and mounted butterflies. It is a resource for people that like to identify some species they have seen in the wild. There are also exhibits on palaeontology and archaeology.

Museo de Insectos (Insect Museum)
University of Costa Rica, San Pedro
San Jose
Tel: (506) 207-5318
In the basement of the Artes Musicales building offers one of the largest collection of insects in Central America. There are many exotic insects to be seen.

Museo Postal, Telegráfico y Filatélico de Costa Rica
Calle 2, Avenida 1 and 3
San Jose
Tel: (506) 223-6918

Museo de Criminología (Criminal Museum)
Calle 17, Avenida 6 and 8
San Jose
Tel: (506) 223-0666
Exhibit of criminal acts to prevent crime with some quite macabre exhibits like severed limbs by machetes etc.