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El Cuartel de La Boca del Monte
El Pueblo, Calle 1, Avenida 21
San Jose
Tel: (506) 221-0327
During the daytime a Restaurant. At night it transorfms itself to one of busiest nightspots for young people in San José. The music is sometimes live and sometimes recorded but always loud. In the backroom there is a small dance flor ( no room for elbows ) A good place to meet youg Ticos it is equally crowded on weekends as on Mondays.

Bar Tango Che Monilari
El Pueblo
San Jose
Tel: (506) 226-6904
This Argentine Bar features Live Tango Music for a small cover charge.

El Pueblo
San Jose
Tel: (506) 221-9134
This might be the best known Disco. It has three different dance areas, one play Salsa or other Latin Music like Merengue or Reggae, the area plays Rock and Pop Music including US and european hits. One cover will get you in and its your coice to which to go or enjoy all three. This place attracts a wide variety of people so watch out, the person flirting with you might be on the job.

Coco Loco
El Pueblo
San Jose
Tel: (506) 257-9995

La Plaza
Next to El Pueblo
San Jose
Tel: (506) 233-5516
This is a huge dancing place right across the street of El Pueblo. When we visited it the last time the there was very little Latin Music played only some Cumbia but mainly pop and top 40 Music.

El Túnel de Tiempo
Calle 7 and 9 Avenida Central
San Jose

Dynasty and Partenón
Soul, Raggae, Calypso and Rap Music
Calle Central and 4 Avenida 20 and 24
San Jose

Salsa 54
Budget Place with Salsa and Latin Music
Calle 3, Avenida 1 and 3
San Jose

Sand Rock Bar
The loudest and very popular Dance Place for Heavy Metal and latest Rock.
Across the Mall San Pedro
San Jose

Some of the Bars you'll find in Costa Rica are just to go to drink and some discos and Night Clubs are just to go and dance. But here in Costa Rica the people like a combiantion of all. So you might see some places repeated on different pages. There are many more places available as listed below. Many of them are short lived for several reasons. We list here a few, that have withstood the test of time. If you are new in Costa Rica we always recommend to go to the "Pueblo" a mile outside of the center of San José. They ave a large variety of different dance places, live and disco, as well as bars and restaurants and the combination of all three.