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Beaches in Costa Rica: Endless and uncrowded.

Costa Rica Beaches, Angela with Grizzli !

Costa Rica is an absolute paradise in matters of beaches. The coastlines have a never-ending variety of it for any possible taste. There are rocky, stony, sandy and coral reef beaches and the ones with white, grey, bluish black, tan, and pink coloured sand.

From Playa Avellanas to Playa Vuelta del Sur, and any name in between, from the Pacific to the Atlantic / Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica offers an almost infinite number of beaches for the enjoyment of tourist, sports and fishermen alike. Come to surf, swim, snorkel, Scuba dive, or just relax in the warm, tropical sun.

The Dangers of swimming in the Oceans:

Blue Flag at Sugar Beach, Bahía Potrero!

In all the brochures and advertising you only will find the positive side of Costa Rica's Beaches. We want to give you here also some warnings, because the Ocean has many Hazards. Unlike beaches in the US and other tourist destinations, Costa Ricas beaches lack the services of Life Guards around the country. From the 200 people that drown in Costa Rica every year about 90% are caused by currents also called rip tides. They pull the swimmer out into the sea and can occur in shallow water.

Most of the deaths are caused because of exhaustions by the swimmer trying to fight the tide. Remember the tide will only pull you out but not under! If you are caught, just float with the tide or try to swim a while parallel to the coast line and not towards the coast. Suddenly the tide will disappear and you can swim back at a 45 degree angle to the coast. It will not carry you out for miles! Some of the most beautiful Beaches of Costa Rica, like Playa Bonita in the Cahuita National Park are famous for its Rip Tides, as well as Playa Dominical, Playa Barranca, Playa Espadilla near Manuel Antonio.

Beaches ideal for families with small kids or bad swimmers you find in bays or Bahías, like the Golfo de Papagayo, Bahía Potrero or la Isla Tortuga. Some of these beaches have no waves or currents at all. If you are worried about pollution, the safest bet is to use a beach with a blue flag.